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Conference Facilities To Select And Choose From Posted By: Neville Parmley

Having recently came back from our company’s once-a-year conference, or tactical planning sessions as they prefer to call it, I have just once again realized the significance of proper conference facilities! What you see might not be what you’ll get – photos online and brochures can lie… and of course no picture can provide you with indication of the type of service that you can expect from the conference venue.

So what exactly should you always remember prior to selecting a conference venue? Even though the conference facilities are of utmost significance, it is not the only item for your checklist:

One of the most essential considerations is the size of your convention. A group of 5 owners will have slightly different prerequisites than a group of 250 young business owners attending a performance talk or course. While it’s actually possible to fit a small group into a big venue, the contrary will not apply. Your huge group of entrepreneurs will not be very relaxed in an intimate boardroom more appropriate for 20 or 40 people!

Secondly, you must take into account where most of the delegates will be coming from. Will you be catering for people from the same organization that all live essentially in the same area? Or are you experiencing 250 people from 9 different provinces that want to attend? Ensure that the conference venue is easily accessible to your group. In the example of the board members, the locale should more likely be not too far from the office, while the group of 100 attendees will be really happy with a conference venue that’s close to major roadways, air terminals and accommodations for example.

Now it’s time for you to plan for the overnight accommodation – if necessary. If your visitors are attending from all over the country, chances are good that they might to stay over for a night or two. If there’s no accommodation at the conference venue, check into accommodation in the region. Many conference venues can assist with overnight packages for extended conferences.

Don’t forget about the conference facilities! This is not limited to the seats and tables offered by the location, but could include anything ranging from the audiovisual equipment to the bathroom facilities, amusement facilities and catering facilities! An excellent conference can rapidly turn into an unhappy group of people if they’re not well taken care of and even the tiniest details are important here. Your fantastic keynote speaker could possibly be quickly forgotten about if the conference participants weren’t well fed, kept amused and looked after properly.

Corporations spend big money on conference venues and facilities. If you ever need to organize a conference or similar event, ensure that you research your options so that the money is well spent. Don’t be afraid to drive to the venue to have a look at all the amenities on offer. Ask for customer reviews from other businesses, even sample the food if you have to! Make 100% sure that you are making a thought out decision.

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