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Don’t Get Steamed – Facts To Know About Heat Pumps Posted By: Aaliyah Arthur

You do not have to be a HVAC professional to have a working knowledge of heat pumps. Everyone who has one should know a little something about them for their own purposes. What do you know and what do you need to learn? Read on.

Heat pumps work very much like conventional systems during the summer months, which is the cooling season. Bear that in mind when you have one installed in your residence.

You should not turn your AC system off. Only cooling on a part-time basis can eat up your money and be harder on the system. If you leave it off in the morning when you will be away from home, your house will soak up the heat that is there and this will make cooling in the late afternoon or evening more difficult to accomplish. You will save money when you allow the thermostat to decide when cooling is required for your residence.

The heat pumps in your home will provide warm, not hot, air during the months of the year when you need heat. It is normal for the pumps to function for long durations of time. They are designed to operate in this manner.

When it is cold outside, such as during the months of January and February, frost will build up in the outdoor coil of the heat pump. This will cause it to begin a cycle of defrosting. When this cycle is taking place, the outdoor fan will cease to run and you will notice that the compressor is humming.

You may notice that cool air is emanating from the registers. It is also possible that you will hear a whooshing sound and will see water runoff or steam coming from the unit. Rest assured that these functions are all normal and are related to the defrost cycle.

During the defrost cycle, allow it to do its thing. Resist the urge to adjust the temperature, turn off the unit or make changes to the thermostat. The cycle will take anywhere from one to two minutes or up to 10 minutes to run through. The length of time it will take is dependent upon the amount of ice that has accumulated on the coil. Once the cycle is finished, the unit will return to the heating function.

If you have reason to believe that the heat pump is not functioning properly, it would be best to call in a professional to see to it. You could do more harm than good if you attempt to make your own repairs. There are also safety concerns for the person who has no experience with these sorts of things.

For the purposes of heating and cooling, do not constantly adjust your thermostat. It is wisest to find a comfortable temperature and then leave it at that setting. There will be more wear and tear on the system if you are fiddling with the thermostat all of the time. As well, it can be anything but budget savvy to do this.

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